Step by Step Gulab Jamun photos

As promised beneath are photos of make your Jamuns :

From the underside body working upwards:

• in a bowl I’ve put the semolina, milk powder and melted butter
• I’ve then added the milk and the dough has began to return collectively, the ultimate image within the first body is the dough all mixed. An excellent tip at this level is to go away it for about 10 minutes to agency up

•the primary image within the second body is of the dough formed into Jamuns .. Informed you they appear like child new potatoes !
•subsequent is them within the oil getting barely golden
• the ultimate image is of them fried and able to be soaked within the sugar syrup

• the ultimate body has the sugar syrup effervescent away first.. For about 10 minutes
• subsequent it is the Jamuns added to the syrup and left to simmer for about 10 minutes
• and the ultimate picture is them within the syrup in a dish able to be served sizzling or to chill and pop within the fridge to go chilly

**From the final image I hope you’ll be able to see the syrup is golden in Color and never clear ..this color change implies that the syrup is on the excellent consistency although you’ll be able to boil for longer for a thicker syrup**

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